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Barbie Dolls for Cancer Patients

A child's universe generally revolves around their friends. It is so important to kids to feel accepted and liked by their peers, and one way to accomplish that is to fit in by emulating each other. Kids have their own style of dress, their own language and music preferences, and particular opinions about what is cool and what is not. A child with cancer is suddenly different. Their friends may be sympathetic and worried about them, but they cannot relate to the grown-up experience of a serious illness. The child with cancer may spend many hours in a hospital or in treatment and feel isolated from their friends and the life they knew and felt confident in . This petition is a proposal to the Mattel Company which manufactures the popular Barbie doll: Dear Mattel: The undersigned ask that the Mattel Company create a Barbie doll for children with cancer. This particular Barbie would be bald and her accessories could include wigs and fun, attractive headwear (such as scarves) and hospital gowns that would appeal to children, as well as any other accessories a cancer patient might use. All or a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the doll could be donated to cancer research. We respectfully submit this proposal in honor of children with cancer whose unique struggle might be partially alleviated by being able to identify with the iconic Barbie doll through role-play. Thank you for your consideration.

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